‘Tis the Season for All the Seasons of Fiesta

January 13, 2022 | Posted in Colors & Products

Get ready to reinvent your tabletop each and every season with new designs and expansions to some of our existing collections. There’s something for nearly every holiday and time of the year!

A new Snowflake Shaped Plate will warm your heart no matter how cold it is outside. In the shape of a 9” snowflake, it can be used as a serving plate for snacks, appetizers or desserts… or get one for each of your guests in a variety of mix and match colors and use for salads, luncheon-sized servings or a dessert course. It comes in Scarlet, White, Lapis, and Twilight.

Two new ornaments proudly call attention to the new 2022 color, Peony:

  • Dancing Lady Ornament 2022, that has a White base and features the new color in the iconic Fiesta Dancing Lady’s dress
  • Christmas Tree Ornament 2022, that has an Ivory base and features the new color in the  ornament bulb

The SKULL & VINE® collection has been one of our most popular decorated collections since it was introduced. With dark metallic Foundry and colorful Sugar on white as mainstays, SKULL & VINE® Twilight is a new introduction for 2022. It will be available in a wide variety of pieces. 


Additionally, a new SKULL & VINE® Embossed Plate will be added to the collection. Featured on a Bone White body, it’s the perfect complement to the entire SKULL & VINE® assortment.

Happy Halloween Spider Web will be added to the Fiesta Halloween assortment. Eerie webs and creepy crawly spiders adorn the outer edges of select pieces of Slate dinnerware for spooky mealtimes and snacks.

Get ready to fall in love with new Fiesta heart shaped items. The new Heart Ramekin holds 7oz and, just like the traditional Fiesta Ramekin, is oven safe up to 450 degrees (also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe).

A new Heart Plate is in the shape of a 9” heart and is perfect to use as a serving piece or as a smaller sized serving plate. It’s also great as a trinket dish for jewelry, keys or other odds and ends. Both heart pieces will be available in all Fiesta colors.

The traditional heart-rimmed Valentine collection will be expanded with a Medium Oval Platter 11 ⅝” and Stackable Mug 18oz. 

Snowman & Snowlady are just as happy as ever because they’re getting lots of new pieces. Individually, Snowman and Snowlady are each adding the following in their respective designs: Appetizer Plate and Stackable Mug 18oz. The two characters appear together in a Snowman Snowlady Rectangular Platter 11 ¾”.

Fiesta Lights, a design featuring a colorful string of Christmas lights, will add the following pieces to its collection: Luncheon/Salad Bowl Plate, Rectangular Platter 11 ¾” and Stackable Mug 18oz.

Christmas Tree on Ivory, a classic traditional style Christmas design, and Blue Christmas Tree on White, will add the following pieces: Luncheon/Salad Bowl Plate, Rectangular Platter 11 ¾” and Stackable Mug 18oz.

Coastal continues to grow in popularity, with more pieces added to the traditional Coastal collection, as well as the Coastal Seahorse collection. Coastal Fish and Coastal Turtle are new designs that are added to the overall Coastal collection. Coastal Fish features a beautiful tropical school of fish swimming through the ocean. Coastal Turtle features a majestic sea turtle among other sea creatures.

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