A Fajita Fiesta

May 12, 2023 | Posted in Colors & Products, Entertaining

Let’s have a fiesta with Fiesta! Bowl Plates are so versatile and can be used for just about anything. Keep reading to see how we use them on fajita night! 

Peony Luncheon Bowl Plate and Bouillon


Every fiesta needs chips and salsa! We started our night off with a Bouillon full of fresh salsa surrounded by fried tortilla chips on a Luncheon Bowl Plate. Using a Bowl Plate helps contain the chips; we offer a larger size (regular Bowl Plate) depending on the size of your crowd. 


Peony Luncheon Bowl Plate


The star of our fiesta: Fajitas de Carne!

A Luncheon Bowl Plate for one…


Turquoise Bowl Plate


… our regular Bowl Plate for two!

Those pesky fallen toppings are finally contained! 


Jade Luncheon Bowl Plate and Lemongrass Bowl Plate


Bowl Plates perfectly enclose side dishes like rice or corn, preventing spillage while creating a professional presentation.


Jade Luncheon Bowl Plate


And don’t forget about dessert! We finished the night off with churros held inside our Luncheon Bowl Plate.


Peony and Jade Luncheon Bowl Plates, Lemongrass Bowl Plate


How do you use our Bowl Plates? Comment below! 

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