Mother’s Day Tea Party

April 14, 2023 | Posted in Entertaining, Holiday

Celebrate Mom with tea for two!

There’s no better gift than time, so spend some quality time over tea with your mom, stepmom, grandma, mother-in-law, or mother figure. This will fill her heart more than any tangible gift could!

It’s impossible to sum up motherhood in just one color. Thankfully, we have a whole rainbow to choose from! Feel free to choose the colors that best fit your mom. 

We chose Turquoise to represent the calmness amongst the chaos of motherhood, and what better royal blue than Twilight to represent her being the queen of the family? Last, we paired two of our coolest hues with pops of white and yellow to represent her warmth and brightness in our life. 


If you’re celebrating Mom with a Fiesta tea party, comment your color scheme below! 

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