An Ode to Favorite Mugs

July 15, 2020 | Posted in All Things Fiesta

We all have a favorite mug. It’s the mug you count on for your morning cup of coffee, or afternoon pick me up of tea. The mug that feels most at home in your hand. The color of your favorite mug brings a smile to your face. If it’s patterned, that pattern speaks to your soul.

But what makes a favorite mug? Was it a gift from a loved one? Is it special to you for a specific reason or no reason at all? We asked our Instagram followers to talk about what makes their favorite mugs. Here are some of the responses that made us smile!



I love my Mulberry Jumbo Mug! I drink my coffee out of it every day. It’s the right size and weight. It just makes me happy!



I like the classic Ring Handled Mug because of the vintage, iconic charm and it fits so well in my hand. Turquoise is my favorite overall, but with mugs you get a standalone pop of color every morning.



I love my Kohl’s exclusive Latte Mugs in Poppy and Flamingo because they make me think of good friends and the design has a nod to the classic ring handled mug.



The Tangerine Tapered Mug! It’s the perfect size for my cup of coffee and extra special because my Mom ordered it.



Jumbo Mug in Shamrock. It comforts me when I don’t feel good!



The classic Ring Handle Mug in Rose! I love pink and that was my first set of Fiesta.



My favorite mug is the colorful Skull and Vine Sugar Tapered Mug! It makes me smile every time I use it!



Mulberry Bistro Latte Mug! Awesome color, good handle for my hands. I have psoriasis so this mug is easy for me to hold.



My Lemongrass coffee mug is my favorite! I don’t know why, I have a rainbow of colors, but if I have evening tea I will choose another cup so that my Lemongrass one is clean for my morning coffee!



My favorite is my Merry and Bright Tapered Mug. I love the cheerful dots! I use it year-round.


What’s your favorite Fiesta mug? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tell us why it’s your favorite!

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