Fiesta: Then and Now

March 24, 2020 | Posted in All Things Fiesta

 Most of you know that Fiesta has been around for quite a while (84 years, in fact!). We frequently get messages from people saying that they remember eating from Fiesta dinnerware at their grandparents’ house. This reminiscing typically inspires happy memories of a favorite color that would be requested at Grandma’s, or a specific dessert that was always served on our bright dishes. Because of Fiesta’s long history, it almost comes as a surprise that there was a time when brightly colored dishes were not even available to purchase.

 When Fiesta was introduced 84 years ago, the type of dinnerware that was in style was the same as it had been for 30 years: full sets of dishes, decorated with the same floral designs. This style of dinnerware had a stuffy, Victorian feel to it. The introduction of Fiesta, therefore, brought a breath of fresh air to the market. The solid, bold colors, Art Deco influence, and mix-and-match philosophy represented a new era of kitchen style, and at just the right time.



 When we say Fiesta is 84 years old, people are always impressed with its longevity, but most don’t take the time to calculate its date of inception (not that we blame them!). Fiesta was created in the year 1936. As you know, that was right in the heart of the Great Depression. This timing was no coincidence.

 In the 1930s, the president of The Homer Laughlin China Company was Joseph M. Wells Sr., who couldn’t help but notice that the spirits of Americans were low during the Great Depression and were in need of a boost. Wells did the only thing he could. He approached his designers and told them, “People need to brighten up their table. People need something to be happy about. Color is what’s going be good for the Depression.” Thus, Fiesta was created and was an immediate hit, flooding homes with saturated shades of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Ivory. It turned out that Wells was right; people did need more color in their lives.



 We can’t help but draw parallels between those times and now. Our spirits are low and in need of a boost. So, we’re giving the same advice that we gave 84 years ago. Bring more color to your table. Brighten up your home. Sit down to a good family meal with food set on your boldest colors, and take heart from the fact that we Americans have weathered many storms, and will weather this as well.


Take care and be safe,

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