If You Have That, Add This

February 27, 2020 | Posted in All Things Fiesta

Have you ever gotten the Fiesta Dinnerware itch and realize you need new dishes ASAP? We get it! We also understand wanting to add pieces to your collection that make sense with what you already own. For example, should you really get a Utensil Crock if you don’t already have our Utensil Set? That’s why we put together a list of Fiesta items to get if you already have something else. Check out our suggestions!

If you have White, add a pop of color

White is making moves. Once one of our least popular colors, it made the top 5 list of bestselling colors in 2019! White brings a freshness to every table, but we love it with a little pop of color. Try adding an accent color to your White dishes, like Turquoise, Meadow, or Sunflower, or Mulberry.


If you have Bakeware, add Baking Bowls

You are clearly someone who loves baking if you have our Bakeware, so make sure your baking area is complete with our sturdy Fiesta Baking and Prep Bowls.


If you have Place Settings, add a serving piece

When your dinner table is set with colorful Place Settings, it seems a shame to put out a boring serving piece to go with it. Add a bowl like our XL Bistro Bowl or our Large Platter to the mix to keep your table looking fresh.


If you have Vases, add Floral Bouquet

Displaying fresh flowers in a Fiesta Vase is one of our favorite ways to add a little more life to a room. With our Floral Bouquet pattern, you can add flowers to your cabinets, kitchen, dinner table, and anywhere else without worrying about wilting!


If you have Mugs, add a Sugar and Cream Set

Attention coffee lovers! Do you know about our Sugar and Cream Set? It’s the most colorful way to add a little sweetness to your morning Fiesta Mug of joe.


If you have an Entertaining Set, add Appetizer Plates

Our Entertaining Set is the ultimate hostess must-have, but where do you go from here? We suggest adding Appetizer Plates, so that the next time you’re hosting a party, your guests can ditch the plastic plates and enjoy more colorful dishes!


If you have vintage Fiesta, add Poppy, Daffodil, Cobalt, Meadow, and Ivory

In case you haven’t noticed, vintage style is back in a big way! If you are a collector of vintage Fiesta, you’ve probably seen that a few colors in our current lineup resemble our original colors from 1936. Add Poppy, Daffodil, Cobalt, Meadow, and Ivory to your vintage collection for new styles that keep with the retro theme.


If you have everything Fiesta Dinnerware, add our licensed items

Fiesta doesn’t stop at dinnerware. Add licensed glasses, flatware, linens, and more to your table!


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