Fiesta’s New 2020 Color!

January 14, 2020 | Posted in Colors & Products, Uncategorized

We’re so proud to introduce our new Fiesta Dinnerware color for 2020 – BUTTERSCOTCH! This vibrant shade of orangey-yellow is the 52nd color we’ve produced since 1936. 

At any given time, Fiesta has 14 or 15 colors in its spectrum. For 2020, with no retiring colors as of now, there are 15 signature Fiesta colors. 

Fiesta’s 2020 colors include: Ivory, Slate, Scarlet, Poppy, Butterscotch, Daffodil, Sunflower, Lemongrass, Shamrock, Meadow, Turquoise, Lapis, Cobalt, Mulberry, and White. The lineup also includes Foundry, a cast-iron like finish that has the ease of use of ceramic dinnerware. 

Butterscotch lends itself to a wide assortment of color combinations, including: 

  • Boho Sunset: Poppy, Butterscotch, Daffodil, Sunflower, Lemongrass
  • Jewel Tone Sophistication: Cobalt, Butterscotch, Poppy, Scarlet, Mulberry
  • Modern Farmhouse: Slate, White, Butterscotch
  • Classic Elegance: Ivory, Cobalt, Butterscotch, Meadow
  • Summer Camp Vibes: Meadow, Cobalt, Butterscotch, Poppy, White, Lapis

Standard dinnerware pieces will be available in Butterscotch, including 3pc Bistro Place Settings, 3pc Classic Place Settings, and a variety of plates, platters, bowls, mugs, the signature disk pitcher, and serving pieces. 

Butterscotch will be available to purchase in mid-June 2020. 

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