January’s Color of the Month

January 19, 2018 | Posted in Colors & Products

We’re giving you our next installment of our Fiesta Color of the Month series with January’s shade: Cobalt! Cobalt was introduced in 1986, making it one of our oldest colors in our current color lineup.

When deciding which color most represented January, we began to think about what the first month of the year represented. After the jolly holiday season had come and gone, we could only think of plummeting temperatures, chilly mornings, and shivering in our boots. That’s when we figured out that Cobalt would be the perfect color to choose for January!

Although Cobalt makes us think of chilly weather, it is easy to warm up when mixing and matching it with other colors in our lineup. There’s a reason we’ve kept Cobalt around for the past 12 years; it compliments our brighter colors perfectly! Check out some of our favorite Cobalt-centric color combos below.

Reflections – Cobalt, Mulberry, Lapis, Ivory, Slate


New West – Cobalt, Poppy, Turquoise, Daffodil


French Countryside – Slate, Cobalt, Daffodil, Sunflower, White


Garden – Cobalt, Sage, Turquoise, Poppy, Sunflower

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