January 11, 2018 | Posted in Colors & Products

We hope you aren’t tired of new product announcements yet, because we have even more to show you today. This year, we are expanding our Floral Bouquet and Holiday lines!

Floral Bouquet features a bouquet of fresh roses and mixed flowers with shades of our signature Fiesta colors like Scarlet, Poppy, Sunflower, Lapis, Shamrock, Lemongrass, and Daffodil. The new Floral Bouquet items to be released are as follows:

Floral Bouquet Tapered Mug, 15oz.

Floral Bouquet Teapot, 44oz.

Floral Bouquet Medium Heart Bowl

Floral Bouquet Large Disk Pitcher, 67oz.


Floral Bouquet Tapered Mugs will be available to consumers at better department stores, independent retailers, .coms, and on by early 2018. The remaining items will be available by Spring 2018.


We’re all about celebrating good times with family and friends, especially over the holidays. So, we’re spreading the holiday cheer with an expansion to its holiday collections: Christmas Tree, Merry and Bright and Snowman.

The Christmas Tree collection has been a holiday favorite for many years. This year’s new Christmas Tree pieces include:

Deep Dish Pie Baker

Tapered Mug, 15oz with Tree and Swag design 

Tree Plate 

Ornament 2018 


Merry and Bright was introduced in 2017. Featuring polka dots in a variety of colors set against

White dinnerware, it instantly brightens any tabletop. New pieces to this collection include:

Bread Tray

Appetizer Plate 



This year, Fiesta introduces Snowlady to the Snowman collection. Snowman and Snowlady, along with their little birdie friend, add wintry delight to holiday tablescapes. New pieces include:

Luncheon Plate, 9 in. Snowlady 

Tapered Mug, 15oz. Snowlady

Oval Platter, 9⅝͟ in. Snowman and Snowlady 


The new Christmas Tree, Merry and Bright and Snowman pieces will be available to consumers at better department stores, independent retailers, .coms, and on by Spring 2018.

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