My Fiesta: Liz McIlvain

April 7, 2016 | Posted in Entertaining, Recipes

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Liz McIlvain, President HLC Inc.

Favorite Fiesta colors: Sapphire and Marigold.  Lapis and Poppy from our current lineup.

Favorite Fiesta items: I love a lot of the vintage pieces, such as the Onion Soup, Comports, and Stick Handled Coffee Service and Cups.

Of our new post-86 items, I really like the new Bistro Bowls, the 9×13 Rectangular Baker, and the new Covered Casserole.


Most used Fiesta items: To name a few, I use my Luncheon Plates daily, as well as Square Mugs and the Rectangular Baker.

Fiesta item I have the most of: Definitely Dinner Plates.


Go-to recipe for entertaining: Cheesy potatoes for a crowd.  I have several delicious dip and appetizer recipes and everyone loves my pulled pork.

Favorite foods: Everything! From Italian dishes to grilled fresh fish and veggies.  I look forward to going to the beach and being able to eat fresh seafood, especially crab claws.

Best kitchen tip: Cleaning up as I go when making certain recipes, instead of waiting until the meal is finished to clean the pots and pans I’ve used.  Sometimes, unfortunately, that’s impossible and I’m left with a mess to clean up.  Then I recruit my husband!


Favorite Fiesta items to give as a gift: I love to give friends the Rectangular Baker (one of my most favorite items), but I also love giving our new Covered Casserole.  Both items are so useful when making family recipes and sharing with friends.

Favorite holiday: Although the work it entails can be massive, I do love Christmas and the whole ritual of preparing for family gatherings, baking, and giving. Over the years, my daughters and I have created our own baking tradition at Christmas time.  We make several different types of delicious cookies, place them on a plate (usually the newest color of Fiesta) and then deliver them to close friends and family.

Favorite memory of Fiesta: Believe it or not, when I was growing up, my mother didn’t use Fiesta in her kitchen.  She liked Homer Laughlin’s Swirl shape and that’s the dinnerware we ate from for years.  But, we did have several Fiesta Chop Plates and when my dad would grill out, dinner would be served on the colorful Chop Plates!  My favorite was the bright yellow plate!


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  • I’m a graphic, theme and product designer who has been collecting Fiesta dinnerware for decades! I agree, the new casserole, drink dispenser and dancing lady cookie jar are amazing pieces. The art deco details on the casserole and drink dispenser are great. The new tortilla warmer is going to be a huge seller. What could be more a more perfect piece for Fiesta dinnerware than a tortilla warmer?
    When can I get some in different colors?
    I sincerely enjoy the website!