Saturday Night Bites

March 8, 2016 | Posted in Entertaining, Holiday, Recipes

There comes a time when your old standby of chips and dip just won’t cut it.  Perhaps you are celebrating a successful week at work or your friend’s almost-birthday.  Maybe you just feel like getting fancy for the thrill of it.  Whatever your motives, we are here to help you plan your way out of the potato chip blues and into the reds (and yes, we mean wine!).

Saturday Night Bites Star Crackers FB

Start your menu off right with some classic crunchies.  Cheddar crackers are universally beloved and these Parmesan Basil Cheddar Stars take it a step further, putting a sophisticated spin on a childhood favorite. You can cut these out in any shape you’d like, but we went with stars for a touch of whimsy.

Flour Tortillas
Serves 8
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  1. 2 cups flour
  2. 1 teaspoon salt
  3. ¼ teaspoon baking powder
  4. ¼ cup cold lard*
  5. 2/3 cup warm water
  1. Whisk together flour, salt, and baking powder in a bowl or in a food processor. Cut in lard, blending until a course meal forms. Stir in water and turn the shaggy dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead until soft and smooth.
  2. Divide dough into eight pieces and then form into balls.
  3. Cover dough balls with plastic wrap and let rest for about 30 minutes.
  4. Heat a cast iron skillet over medium heat.
  5. Meanwhile, start rolling dough balls out into an 8-inch round circle.
  6. Cook tortilla rounds, one at a time, in the skillet for about one minute per side, watching closely to avoid over cooking.
  7. Use a toothpick to burst any bubbles that form while the tortilla is cooking.
  8. Transfer the finished tortillas to your Tortilla Warmer.
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Saturday Night Bites Brie Blog

This next offering is a real show-stopper.  Seriously, you can’t get much more refined than Brie En Croute and, best of all, this soiree staple is surprisingly easy to prepare. We’ve dressed up our baked brie with a bit of raspberry preserves, a stunning addition when paired with our newest Fiesta color, Claret.

Fiesta Ramekin Cupcakes
Serves 4
A colorful take on cupcakes.
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  1. For the cupcakes
  2. 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
  3. 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  4. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  5. 1/2 stick unsalted butter, melted
  6. 1/2 cup sugar
  7. 2 eggs
  8. 1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract
  9. 1/4 cup buttermilk
  10. 1/4 cup Sprinkles
  11. For the icing
  12. 1 stick unsalted butter, softened
  13. 1/8 teaspoon salt
  14. 2 cups powdered sugar
  15. 1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract
  16. 1 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
  17. More sprinkles for the top
  1. For the cupcakes
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 4 Ramekins with nonstick spray.
  3. Combine flour, baking powder, and salt in a Small Baking Bowl. Whisk together.
  4. Add melted butter to a Medium Baking Bowl and mix in sugar with hand mixer for about 30 seconds. Add eggs one at at time, beating after each addition. Beat in vanilla extract.
  5. Add the flour mixture and buttermilk alternately. Stir in sprinkles. Divide batter among Ramekins. Bake for 18-20 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cupcakes cool completely before frosting.
  6. For the icing
  7. Beat butter until creamy, then beat in salt and 1 cup of powdered sugar at a time. Beat in vanilla extract and 1 tablespoon of heavy whipping cream.
  8. Frost cupcakes however you like, but don't forget the rainbow Fiesta sprinkles!
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Saturday Night Bites Berries

Round out your menu with a few fresh items such as raspberries and red grapes.  Hit up the olive bar in your local market too.  This savory blend features both Kalamata and Manzanilla olives as well as roasted red peppers for an extra kick.

Saturday Night Bites Spread Sausage

A nice dry cured sausage is another go-to item for last minute get togethers.  Stay with the milder options for this one, unless you know your guests like it hot.  Don’t skimp on the carbs either! The cornerstone of any good spread, a crusty baguette is practically imperative.   

Saturday Night Bites Plate Wine

If you’ve got them, toss a few more cheeses into the mix.  Uncork your favorite reds (or whites!) and have yourself a swanky Saturday night!

Saturday Night Bites Olives

Saturday Night Bites Spread 3

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