New Pet and Valentine Collections

November 19, 2015 | Posted in Colors & Products

Fiesta Dinnerware always equals fun, but Fiesta Dinnerware that’s decorated? That equals tons of fun! We are excited to announce that we introduced not one, but two new decorated collections at the Tabletop Show: Valentine’s Day and Pet Lovers.


Valentine's Collection-2

Valentine’s Day

If you love Fiesta, the Fiesta Valentine’s Day collection is made just for you. White dinnerware decorated with a string of Scarlet and pink hearts and heart lockets is the perfect accent to a meal shared with those you love. The Valentine’s Day collection comes in the following pieces: Salad Plate MSRP $32.00, Java Mug MSRP $23.00 and Heart Bowl MSRP $29.00. It will be available beginning January 1, 2016.


Pet Lovers

There’s no denying that Americans love their pets. Cats and dogs are family members, so it’s only fitting that we express and share that love on our coffee mugs for our friends and co-workers to see.

Fiesta is introducing a collection of Java Mugs featuring the following sayings:

  • I Work Hard To Give My Dog A Better Life (MSRP $25)
  • I Work Hard To Give My Cat A Better Life (MSRP $25)
  • All My Children Have Paws (MSRP $28)
  • I Love My Dog (MSRP $25)
  • I Love My Cat (MSRP $25)
  • I’m Only Speaking To My Dog Today (MSRP $25)
  • I’m Only Speaking To My Cat Today (MSRP $25)

Pet Collection-2

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