Thanksgiving Planning Tips

November 12, 2015 | Posted in Entertaining, Holiday, Tips & Tricks

Thanksgiving (1)

Two weeks before

  • Plan your menu: Don’t make more food than you need. While it’s ok to make sure you have more than enough food, don’t make so much that you will have trouble eating or storing it in your kitchen. This will save you the stress of unnecessary prep and money spent.
  • Write Your Shopping listsWhile you’re writing your shopping list, this will give you a jumping off point of what other things you will need to plan for. Having your shopping list done early will help you plan out which dishes you will need ahead of time. For example, will you need a rectangular baker or a XL serving platter?
  • Plan your tablescape: Take out items from storage and wash them, if needed.

Monday Before

  • Go grocery shopping for all items.
  • Write out on post-it notes which serving dishes will be used for which recipe.
  • Set your table to create a beautiful, yet functional tablescape.

Tuesday Before

  • Let turkey thaw.
  • Prep food ie, cut veggies and ingredients up to get them ready for your recipes.
  • Prep pie crust if making from scratch.
  • Cooking a fresh turkey? Pick it up from the store or local farm.

Wednesday Before

  • Cook side dishes that can be made early.
  • Peel potatoes and store in water in fridge.
  • Chill wine and/or alcohol.
  • Bake pies in oven early in the day.

Thanksgiving Day

  • Put appetizers in oven or finish preparation.
  • Take turkey out of fridge and allow to come to room temperature.
  • Allow for at least four hours time for the turkey to cook (check recommended cooking times for the size of bird you have).
  • Make mashed potatoes 45 minutes before dinner.

These steps will help you do a little each day and prevent you from spending hours on your feet in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, allowing more time to be with your family enjoying food and laughter.

Thanksgiving Planning Tips

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