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Black Forest Cake


  • 1 package fudge cake mix
  • 1 package 12oz mini chocolate chips
  • 1 carton 8oz whipped topping, thawed
  • 1 can 21oz cherry pie filling


  • Make cake mix as directed. Mix chocolate chips in (leave a few tablespoons as garnish at the end).
  • Bake as directed in two 8” round baking pans. 
  • Allow to cool completely. 
  • Remove cake from one of the baking pans and place on a cake plate. 
  • Spread half of the cherry pie filling on top of cake. 
  • Spread half of the whipped topping on top of the cherries. 
  • Carefully place the other cake on top of the cake that has the cherries and whipped topping on top. 
  • Spread whipped topping on top of that layer first. 
  • Then place individual cherries on top of the whipped topping. 
  • Then sprinkle remaining chocolate chips on top as garnish. 
  • Enjoy!