DIY Angel Centerpiece

December 16, 2015 | Posted in Tips & Tricks

This angel centerpiece features our lovely Medium Vase. Customize her dress by using your favorite Fiesta color.


Body: Medium Vase, turned upside down

         Cupcake Liner glued to the bottom of the vase, under angel’s head

Wings: Large Heart, glittered

Head: 4” Styrofoam Ball

Face: Paint face with Mod Podge and sprinkle with Diamond Dust Glitter

Eyes: 3mm Googly Eyes

Mouth: 3mm Red Rhinestone

Cheeks: Rouge

Hair: Moss, hot glued in layers

Halo: (2) 6mm x 12mm Chenille Pipe Cleaners, fastened together

           3mm Strand of Pearls, wrapped around pipe cleaners

Bodice: 1.5” Satin Ribbon

Collar & Trim: 0.5” Lace Ribbon

Arms: (2) 4” 6mm Chenille Pipe Cleaners

           Presto felt for the batting in the arms
           Satin Ribbon, wrapped around pipe cleaners and felt

Bouquet: Mini Pine Cones and Berries, gathered together

                 Satin Ribbon wrapped around stems


To assemble the angel, first hot glue a paper cupcake liner to the bottom of an upturned vase. Then, glue a strand of lace ribbon around the rim of the vase to create a collar. Glue the Styrofoam ball onto the bottom of the upturned vase.

To make the angel’s face, paint the Styrofoam ball with Mod Podge, then cover in a fine white glitter, like Diamond Dust and allow to dry. Next, glue on googly eyes and a red rhinestone mouth. Carefully pat on rouge for cheeks on either side of the angel’s face.

Next, glue moss on top of the Styrofoam ball to create the angel’s hair. This will require several layers of glue and moss. To create the halo, twist two pipe cleaners together and wrap a strand of tiny pearls around it. Fasten this halo around the angel’s hair.

Next, wrap a piece of thick, 1.5” satin ribbon around the narrowest part of the vase to create the angel’s bodice. If you have it, use peel ‘n’ stick (or more hot glue) to adhere the ribbon. Apply a strand of lace ribbon to the bottom of the ribbon bodice and to the top (now the bottom) of the vase.

To create the angel’s arms, wrap presto felt around a chenille pipe cleaner, then wrap satin ribbon around that using hot glue to stick the ends together. Glue a small strand of lace to the ends to create sleeve cuffs. Do this once more for the other arm, then fasten to the backside of the angel, using your best judgment for placement of arms.

Bundle several miniature pinecone and berry floral picks to create a tiny bouquet. Wrap satin ribbon around the stems of the bouquet and glue to the vase, positioned between the two arms.

Finally, glue a big glittered heart to the back of the angel for her wings.

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